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Your Drawings Don’t Have to Be Flat and Lifeless Anymore!

Are You Struggling with Flat, Lifeless Drawings?

Here’s A Look At Some Result I Was Able To Achieved with My Drawings Using A Simple 4 Step Approach That I Now Use In ALL of My Drawings.



Full Disclosure here. The image on the left is an unedited scan. The other is a photograph. (because of size)

Are you tired of your drawings not living up to the images in your head? Drawing is one of the oldest forms of communication so you would think we are all naturally awesome at it. Right?


All the pencils, specialty tools and drawing books out there can leave your head spinning and still leave you wondering where to start.

I was too until I figured out a simple approach…

FACT: Drawing, as do all fine arts majors, requires exceptional self-motivation and discipline.

That comes directly from the Princeton Review, the prestigious college ranking guide,  on choosing drawing as a major.

The real fact of the matter is you do need discipline and motivation but it helps to have a strategy and set of principles to tackle all of your drawings and then follow thru with it. Without first starting with some sort of plan you are doomed from the start.

Shading your drawings can be one of the most intimidating parts of drawing. Anyone can do a contour drawing. That’s just creating an outline of the image.

Filling it in is what take all the time and discipline.  And that’s because there are so many ways to do it!

Hatching, Cross hatching, blended shading, stippling, squiggles, the list goes on.

That’s why having an easy replicable approach to follow each time was crucial to my drawing success.

The key for me was simplification and developing a systematic approach.

Lucky for you that what this page is all about…

The 4 Steps to Shading Video Course

After struggling thru drawings classes trying to shade and being put to shame by other artists in my class I set out on a mission.

I started researching artists and found one in particular that really spoke to me.

His name is Chuck Close.

I took his systematic approach and experimented with it. And it worked Amazingly well!

So I tweaked it and finally I was able to develop a super simple process of my own that anyone can use to draw and shade their drawings.

When I was finished all of my shading was able to be broken down into 4 repeatable steps.

Here’s what is covered :

  • How to think thru your drawings before you start
  • The 4 steps to use to get perfect shading every time ( without worrying about falling flat every again)
  • How a topography map can help with your shading
  • The one concept that pushed me to add more POP to my drawings
  • 1 Simple tip I learned from Chuck that never left me staring at a blank page again
  • The tools of that trade that may be sitting around your house right now
  • Full demonstration of the process in action
  • Many more insights…

Personally I wouldn’t start another drawing without using this 4 step approach to shade my drawings…

I don’t recommend you do any more either...

Don’t Start Another Drawing Until You Try This Approach

If you have ever started a drawing that didn’t turn out how you were expecting or just got to a point and stopped because you didn’t see the results you were desperately trying for,  Ive been there too.

I’ve drawn hundreds of drawings and ruined a lot of potential masterpieces trying to figure out how to perfect my technique and figure this out.

I’m guessing if you are still reading this you are looking for the same solution I was.

The good news is I have put what I have learned into a simple to follow video course that you can use and speed past all those bad drawings and mistakes.

So now you don’t have to go it alone!

Normally this video course would be $19-$37, but for a limited time I’ll let you have access to it for just $7.


You could buy one of those new fancy drawing tools that you will almost certainly never use again or you can :

  • Learn the real way to shade your drawings
  • Save time by not having to figure out the right steps to shade your drawings
  • Avoid ruining a big drawing and having to trash it or hide it away.
  • Be great new artist in the neighborhood or school
  • Get such good results you can enter your drawings into national competitions and win(ask me how I know)
  • Finally “get it” and show all the doubters that you can really draw.

The choice is yours…

Click the “Add To Cart” button and start drawing your next masterpiece with confidence.

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