Pencil Hardness: The Only 4 Pencils You Need

Pencil Hardness: The Only 4 Pencils You Need


This is a video about the only pencils that you absolutely need.

You will learn:
– The Top 3 pencils I use for every project
– Why blending will never be a problem any more
– What pencil you can trash

Don’t forget to leave your question below and I’ll do my best to respond…

Kevin Kramer

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  1. If you add charcoal pencils you will get a full range of values from mars black to titanium wight using only graphite pencils you only get mid-tones it takes away from a photorealistic look if your going that rout if your not then going that rout mars black commands attention in any drawing or painting using a carbon pencil is also a great rout graphite has a really annoying shine but very easy to control so people start using all kinds of different medias (I learned this all from experience)

  2. Awesome stuff Cande Felix. I too have learned the powers of the charcoal and carbon pencils. They get used a lot more in my drawing course which should be done soon within the next month or so. This video was really just to get the average guy started with some solid foundational pencils they can use for most drawings.Thanks again for the great feedback and comments. Artist sharing is the main goal of this channel.

  3. I think Baron does a great job arguing that the picnel is technology by including the process of making a wood-cased picnel’. He mentions finding the right mix of materials to reach the perfect lead, and putting that lead into the wood casing just right so it won’t break and will be able to sharpen. Also included are the different processes related to the making of such a simple picnel. While it is hard for us to think of a picnel as technology because we use it so often and, at least in my opinion, take for granted the process that would be used to make them, it makes sense that a picnel would be technology. This is true especially when comparing the picnel to things people used in ancient times to record information. With making a better writing instrument such as a picnel comes efficiency, and isn’t that the point of new technology?

  4. Hi Kevin! I love this video and was wondering what kind of paper you prefer most when using these pencels? Kind regards, Lineke

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