How to Draw A Face

How to Draw A Face



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[tab_data id="content1"] [text] Draw a Circle

drawing faces step1 circle

Sounds pretty easy, but it does take some practice if you want to draw a perfect circle. You can use a cup or even a roll of masking tape to make the circle. Just use them now so you can learn the proportions, then I would steer away from this as it will hinder your progress of getting your own rhythm with the pencil and you may become dependent on drawing aids. Relying on the tools will make it look like you are still learning how to draw a face [/text] [/tab_data]

[tab_data id="content2"] [text] Divide the Circle

equator_meridian_linessimple drawing faces

Just think of the circle like the Earth. Draw a line right across the center like the equator and then do the same from top to bottom. You should start thinking in terms of the circle being a ball or sphere. This will help your drawings and speed up your learning curve. [/text] [/tab_data]

[tab_data id="content3"] [text] Chop off the Sides

cut_slicessimple drawing faces

Obviously, the head isn't a complete circle, but it is generally round in shape. There really isn't a set formula for the amount to chop off.
You can already customize your drawing. Exciting, isn't it? The more you chop here, the skinnier and lengthier the head will turn out.[/text] [/tab_data]

[tab_data id="content4"] [text] The Proportions of the Face

all_face_lines proportions


The horizontal line or the "equator" we drew just a minute ago is more commonly referred to as the brow line. This is where the eyebrows generally sit on the face. The next line to be drawn will be the Hair Line. It goes roughly 1/2 to 2/3 of the way above the Brow line.


The next line to will be the Nose Line. It again will be about the same distance as the Hair Line from the Brow Line.


After you have drawn in those lines, you only have one more major line to draw: the Chin Line. It is about the same distance from the Nose Line as the other lines were from the Brow line.


If you're thinking, "Well, that was easy!" it is!


Once you get these four key lines down, everything else is easy to fill in and get the right proportions.


Tip:If you place your thumb on your own brow and put your index finger on your hairline and then move your fingers to the key lines we just drew you, will find that they are all just about equally spaced. That's not even really a formula. That's a living example always with you!

[/text] [/tab_data] [/tabs_content]

[tab_data id="content5"] [text] Placing the Eyes and Mouth


eyespacingsimple drawing faces

The eyes and mouth are probably the easiest things when learning how to draw a face, as they both sit just under the brow and nose lines, respectively.




To find the position for the eyes, divide the head into five equal eyes. This will give you the width for the mouth and nose. The space between the 2 real eyes will be the width of your nose.

To find the width of the mouth, just come straight down from the center of your two eyes and BAM! that's the outsides of your mouth.

ear_spacing drawing faces


The Ears


The ears are drawn in the space between the mouth line and the eyes.

Once you have these proportions down, you can manipulate and alter them however you want.

Your next biggest challenge will be drawing the face from different angles. Generally, most faces aren't drawn straight on, so being able to draw them from different angles will be of great benefit to you once you master these proportions. It just takes practice, that's all. [/text] [/tab_data]


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