How to Draw a Face Step by Step

How to Draw a Face Step by Step


Drawing faces is one of my absolute favorite things to do but it can pose some challenges.
This video will teach you step by step how to draw great looking faces that look realistic.

In this video you will learn:

  • 6 Steps to drawing amazing faces every time
  • How fun and easy it can be to draw faces
  • How to get all of your proportions dead on without thinking
  • How to manipulate and create your own heads on the fly
  • Special bonus to the first 3 viewer to participate


  1. So I made a video response for you, and it SAYS it worked, but then I don’t see it showing up. Then I tried to post a link to it in the comments and it gives an error message. YouTube doesn’t like me. 🙁

  2. Thanks! I got the video reply. Still a little new to video replies but in mine it has the option to create a video response. Maybe try creating another post and see if the option comes up for you too. Says create a video response or Post. Think you have to have the video posted to youtube already though so you can select it. In any case I got the reply and will be releasing my reply soon. So stay posted.

    • Hey! We just discovered you gave us a shout-out! Thanks for the meotnin, John. We very much appreciate it.We’ll be spending the next few days discovering many of the other groovy artists on your list. That’s some pretty nice company to be in.Cheers and best of the holidays to yah!

  3. GeeKayEs your video critique is up and waiting. The video response is a little tricky for some reason. I figured it out but i think i accidentally removed yours! LOL either way it’s up.

  4. The faces I have tried drawing are in my deviantart gallery. Go to deviantart and search musicallyinsane09 and go to my gallery to see them. They’re labeled Kylie and Jojo

  5. Joe dirt teaches drawing. Actually pretty informative but that’s what I’m thinking as I’m watching this video.

  6. @Musicallyinsane09 Sorry for the wait your critique is on its way! Should be up in a little bit. Thank you for your submission!

    • I really love your site and am going to brmaokok it so I can come back to visit often.Following you from MBC. Would love if you would return the favor and follow back.Ruthie

  7. Awesome. I am glad it helped Scenarika. If there is anything else that you are needing help with drawing i’d be happy to help.

  8. This is a really difficult way of explaining the proportions in a face…It also took a really long time, it could have been explained easily in a 1/4 of the time.

  9. I think your placement of the ears is incorrect. It usually the top of the eye-brow to the bottom of the nose. Just an FYI. Try this instead and you’ll be correct most of the time.

  10. Why are so many artists using a sphere for the head? It’s much easier to use a box form for it. Spheres are just a pain to draw in perspective.

  11. Sormias, a box is a really great way to go too. Since everything can be drawn in one it can help simplify and give your image some structure beforehand. Once you study perspective a little more and get familiar with the box however you can go straight to the sphere or circle shape. Both are great. You can apply the guidelines used in the video to a box as well. Happy drawing!

  12. Thanks for the all great feedback. These are some of the first videos I’v put up. I am currently working on making some more that will really jump straight in and be a lot more hands on.

  13. Thank God….Now my mind is all clear.I was so much in confusion about how to draw head and allllllllllllll this stuff. Now got this area completely. Thanks a Billion..Now i need to clear all my folder because i found this.ThanksSimi

  14. Glad to help Rebati! Keep at it. Once you get these down you can translate them into more angles and positions.

  15. Well, it looks like a person, and almost resembles the person, Closest I have ever gotin. Thank you

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  17. nice … now i undrst…. thanks a lot…. and pls help me to how to draw like you perfectly… 3D drawing…. cud u pls teach me

  18. I appreciate your detailed instructions.Learning becomes so much easier when taught by a person who enjoys doing it and helping others.It will make this more helpful and relatable for me..thanks so much! I’ve found a new guru..

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