Freestyle Drawing

Freestyle Drawing

Bust Creative Roadblocks with Freestyle Drawing!

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There are many interpretations of freestyle drawing on the Internet these days, and I’m sure if you are reading this than you have probably read them already. Some refer to it as freehand drawing, which is drawing without aids or stencils. Some also describe it as just drawing, or doodling, until the whole picture is filled onto the paper. I, of course, have my own take on freehand drawing as well.

Drawing freestyle is basically freehand drawing, but drawing whatever comes to mind.

It is more of an organic drawing experience where your mind takes over and your hand and pencil are just the tools it needs to get its ideas onto paper.


It is a way of just getting all of your thoughts out of your head like a huge brainstorm of rambling words, except with lines. It is a great way of getting out of a creativity roadblock. It is like the artist’s way of unblocking his block. The way for a writer to overcome writer’s block is to just start typing and get things on paper, even if it doesn’t make sense. To me, this is freestyle drawing.


Sure, you may have a theme or emotion in your head that you are trying to get out, but just putting the pencil to the paper and creating that first line whether it is perfect or not is the first step.

“Let your mind be your muse and your hand its tool, not the other way around.”


When you start thinking too much, you may tend to put up these roadblocks in your thinking that can cripple the creative process.

If you put your pencil or pen to the paper and let every mark change with every thought that is in your head, you will be very surprised at the finished product that you have when you are done. The picture below is a perfect example of this.

When drawing freestyle, just draw!

Try not to get hung up with creating a specific image. The image will show itself when you are done.

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