Drawing Ideas

Drawing Ideas

Drawing Ideas: You Already Have Hundreds!

Drawing ideas for pieces is a lot easier when you have some emotion behind them.

Finding inspiration for your pieces may seem very daunting especially if you are trying to create something new or feel like your in a rut. The fact is there is inspiration all around you waiting to be drawn from.

The thing is almost anything can set you off in a spiral of ideas : The trees blowing a certain way, a dream you had, maybe the sun shining on an interesting object casting a dramatic shadow.

ipodreptileloungeUsing Music

One thing I use a lot is music. Music can take a tone or mood you are feeling and push it even further into that area. One thing it does for me is while my initial feeling of inspiration may come and go quickly, music that complements that idea can help you harness it and “fan the fire” so to speak.


The tone of the music “keeps the beat” of my initial feeling and allows me to elaborate on it more without having to remember what it was in the first place.


As for drawing ideas goes, the real key is to be observant of the things that really strike a chord with you. Sometimes you won’t have to think about it. They will be very obvious: tragedy, joy, happy moment, or maybe your first time doing something.

What Is Creativity

Some people say “I’m just not creative”.

This is one of the most ridiculous statements anyone can say. Creativity is really just a concept. Someone may be exposed to something you have never seen before or experienced and it seems like they have so much creativity instead they are just doing what your doing from a different perspective.

Visualization Tips

Creativityhipster craig cundiff

One way, if your drawing skills aren’t up to the level you want and you aren’t sure of how to express or portray your idea,is to get on your computer or even get a bunch of magazines and do what I used to do.

I would close my eyes and maybe even rub my eyes until they get those crazy patterns in them and watch the images that come into vision. Once I see it I do a image search on the internet and find the best match of what I just saw. After doing this for a few images, I put them all together in a collage. Basically I Let my subconscious do all the work for me.

Just start with one idea, doesn’t matter what it is. It could be guitars or anything (a guitar just happened to be the first thing I looked at). It’s almost like creating a surreal collage.

More Tips

Another way to help you harness your creativity is to study some artists who’s art you really like and use there style as practice. After doing this your work will take on its own style or you will get tired of theirs and progress to another artist. Each one will leave there mark on you if you study their work. This is where you will begin to see your work progress.


You will learn a little about each artist and what they were drawing ideas from for their pieces. This will in turn give you some insight and help you be more observant to the things that influence your life. This is where your art will come from.


They key to being able to harness your creativity and to get the best drawing ideas is to find the right outlets and techniques that work for you.

Not all pieces are meant to be drawings or paintings. Some might be best translated through music, singing, perhaps interpretive dance(maybe). The key is to find your style and keep pushing it further and further.

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