Creative Drawing: How to Inspire and Build a War Chest of Ideas

Creative Drawing: How to Inspire and Build a War Chest of Ideas


Creating new fresh ideas can be tough. In this video you will learn my proven creative drawing methods and building up a war chest of never ending creative ideas and insights.

You will learn:
– How I consistently create new creative drawings without trying
– How to make sure you keep and capture all of your awesome ideas
– How to create a war chest of creative inspiration easily


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Kevin Kramer

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Kevin is an artist that specializes in traditional artwork, graphic design and video. He is the author of “How to Create Stunning Realistic Portraits.” At around five or six years old he was bitten by the drawing bug and it never let him rest. His work has been featured in Artist Magazine, Strokes of Genius 3: The best of drawing, galleries throughout the South and the web. He loves learning and sharing his knowledge, hence ;)


  1. Thanks Blessingsindeskys! I am glad i was able to help. I will be putting up a lot more videos as soon as my shading course is released so keep your eye open for more soon!

  2. cool video!The tips are really great,i’m going to an art school and the people there teach us quite the same 🙂 so yeah,guess that’s good haha! 🙂

  3. This is awesome! I’m an excellent sketcher but I’ve been running out of projects to do seince it’s summer and there’s like nothing to do! This really gave me inspiration, thank you!

  4. That’s great to hear bLexi57. Coming up with projects can really be frustrating when you HAVE to. Another thing you might try is to just do a quick google search for art projects on pinterest. That will bring up a bunch of crafty cool ideas.

  5. Thx so much! I also get all of my ideas in the dark too. During tis video a ton of ideas started poping in my head! O.M.G. All I can say is thx a lot and it hel

  6. Awesome information. I have been looking for something to help me get out of my mini block. I want to be more productive with my videos, and I have not come up with anything I can do lately. Thanks a ton 🙂

  7. I am getting back into being a creative person in general. I found the video and I liked your ideas. I look forward to applying them both in my writing and in my art. Thanks, I look forward to watching more of them!

  8. #1 tip for getting Inspiration
    is to hear music (Or hearing your favorite music genre)
    in my opinion (^ – ^)

  9. I can come up with ideas without even having the idea of drawing, and they
    are usually really great! But then I can’t draw it for the life of me…

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