Are You Still Struggling to Add Life and Vibrancy to Your Portrait Drawings?

How One Simple Concept Took My Drawings from Beginner to Pro in One Afternoon


Hey there,

From one artist to another I know how tough it can be to struggle with not getting the results that are in your head, especially when it comes to shading your drawings. It seems to be one of the toughest obstacle artists face when starting to draw. In just a few moments I will reveal to you why my drawings were missing the mark and what one idea helped change that forever.

There is a simple 4 step strategy you can use to shade ALL of your drawings 

Have you struggled with your portrait drawings being flat? How about too light or even too dark? Are you stuck because you just don’t know where you need to add or take away value and tone?

I struggled with adding depth and dimension to my drawings for quite some time. I’d show family members my drawings for the instant ego boost since I could count on them giving me the “good job!” or  “that looks great honey” but in the end I was still unsatisfied with the outcome. I knew I could do better.

It just wasn’t hitting the mark. To be honest the real issue was I was just flat out scared to ruin what I thought at the time was a decent drawing.

You ever hear the story of the gold miners that stopped right before striking gold?

This is exactly where I was. It wasn’t that I didn’t work hard at my drawings. I practiced just about every day. I drew cartoons, movie covers, video game covers and the occasional Miami Dolphins or Dan Marino portrait for my grandma. (man she loved that guy)

Anyway my proportions were ok but when it came to adding the contrast and shading I was frankly just stopping before striking gold.

What I was essentially doing was laying the ground work of an awesome drawing but my fear of messing it up was holding me back from adding the contrast needed to take it to the next level.

It wasn’t till one day when I was drawing I Finally had made the decision that on THIS particular drawing I was going to go all in and if I messed it up then so be it.

What got me over the fear honestly was just being tired of not feeling like I was doing my best…and hey you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet right? mmm breakfast tacos….

I digress…

So one day I was drawing movie covers from "Remember the Titans" and "Hannibal". These had very good images with lots of contrast and drama, I’m not just schizophrenic.

I started out as I always do and then I got to the point of my usual completion - Not too dark. Not too light. Just around that lovely flat and lifeless area.

I didn’t have a set of pencils back then and frankly was ignorant to the tools of the trade. ( I used to tape 4 normal sheets of paper together to make one big sheet…yeah)

Armed with my #2 school pencil I just pressed harder to get the darker values. At first it was scary but then it was liberating to know that I could add more contrast and the image didn’t look like total crap!

What a Revelation!

I didn’t know how to balance out the tones and value so it wasn’t my best but it was a HUGE turning point in my artwork.

I Went from This...

To This...

It’s a fact. The more you practice the better you will get.

You develop muscle memory and build more confidence the more you practice something but that can take time and you might only see gradual improvements just like I did. Even after that fateful day It still took me years before I got to where I could create the images above.

Had I had access to other artists and quality instruction other than good ole Bob Ross I might have been able to leap frog my progress.

It’s been over 15 years since that Remember the Titans drawing and trust me I have a lot of practice under my belt.

One thing I can tell you is practice makes perfect but it doesn’t if you are practicing bad strategies.

After drawing hundreds of images I FINALLY realized that my shading process really breaks down into just 4 core steps that I follow and repeat over and over.

The good news is I have documented the process in an easy to follow video series so that you can follow and hopefully speed up that learning curve I had to go thru.  Its proven to me to be the best method to shade my drawings and has even allowed me to create drawings that are often mistaken for photographs. I call it “The 4 Steps to Shading”

Seriously, I wouldn’t draw another image until you watch this series!

The difference and shear amount of time just knowing this strategy could have saved me is pretty mind numbing.

I still haven't really found another easy to follow shading course that just lays out a straight forward way to shade your drawings quite like this one does.

That is why I am sharing my strategy with you today. I know it will help you leap frog your shading and help you start getting the immediate results that you are looking for. It will take some practice as everything does. But knowing the RIGHT strategies will help accelerate your progress ever faster.

You do have to get over the fear of going darker like I did but once you get over that, which I’m sure you are getting tired of avoiding anyway, “The 4 Steps to Shading” will guide you the rest of the way.

Normally similar video training like this or art classes would cost upwards of $37 all the way up to $150 or more.

Today I want to offer you my training series for just $7.

That’s right just 7 big cash dollars because I want to make absolutely sure there is no excuse or barrier to access.

The 4 Steps to Shading

This course will show you :

  • My Proven 4 Step Shading process to shade all of your drawings
  • How to map out your shading so you can basically “shade by numbers”
  • How to simplify your values and tone
  • The tools of the trade ( probably not what you think)
  • How to use contrast to make your images come alive
  • Complete demo of the process so you can see it in action
  • And other tips and insights I wish I knew back then…

The choice is yours. You can keep struggling and stopping before striking gold and ruining potential masterpieces or you can get my entire strategy for less than a pack of decent pencils.

Imagine sitting down and pushing past that wall your hitting. I can tell you from experience it feels so liberating to have a strategy that you can implement and get consistent results.

My Guarantee

Since I know how profound these strategies have been for me I’ll even take all the risk.
So to make sure have have complete confidence I’ll give you my 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you don’t like it for any reason just let me know.

If you while watching find that I had a whistle in my nose that you just couldn’t ignore or anything else that you just couldn’t stand to listen to just let me know and I instantly refund your order. ( I have a touch of misophonia, I get it. I wouldn’t do that to you. look it up 😉 )

So to recap you get to try out the course and if you honestly try the strategies and aren’t 100% satisfied for any reason or don’t feel like you have improved just let me know and I refund you. No harm no foul.

Let’s get started. Click the add to cart button now and let’s get started. It’s time to strike gold not quit  and five up right before and sell all your tools.

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To Recap

So to recap. You get to look over my shoulder and follow along with over 40mins of instruction so you can get immediate results with your drawings.

Video Instruction includes:

  • Video 1 - Introduction
  • Video 2 - Contrast
  • Video 3 - Planning Your Image
  • Video 4 - Simplifying Your Tones
  • Video 5- The 4 Steps
  • Video 6 - Demo Process Part 1
  • Video 7 - Demo Process Part 2
  • Video 8 - Final Tips

In the infamous words of Jerry Maguire - “Let me help you..let ME help YOU!

This is where you say “Shut had me at Awesome…

In all seriousness Click the Add to Cart button and let’s get drawing!

See you on the inside,

Kevin Kramer

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